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Certified, Licensed and Insured, Behaviour Consultant Jamie Engerdahl with Kinder Canine Coaching can find a solution for you, creating the bond you and your dog dream about that is personalized and professional. 

Understanding canine body language and communication is critical in learning about what your pet's needs are, and in turn allowing your pet to make better choices as you are both equipped with better skills. A consult is about providing information, increasing your knowledge and looking after both you and your pet's physical and emotional well being. 

Consults are open to pet parents, and pet professionals all over the world. Whether you have one pet or work in a daycare/boarding setting, a consult can help you learn more about how to set the pets up to succeed in their environment. 

I focus mostly on aggression, anxiety and stress release cases, however a consult can be booked for any pet related problem. 

I am a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider, and a Certified Fear Free Pet Professional, which means I will always put the animal's care, welfare, happiness and health above all other considerations. 

Consults can be done in person, online through Zoom, and over the phone.  

Canine Detox

A canine detox is a 3 day customized commitment that encourages your dog to find deep rest; releasing anxiety and chronic stress from their body. 

The detox creates the dogs ability to increase their focus, problem solve and develop long term growth via sensory games, rest periods, and challenging their systematic processes. 

The dog's mind, body and soul start to feel brand new, allowing us to better utilize the Behaviour Modification Plan.

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