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Hi, I am Jamie Engerdahl!

My husband of 28 years and I currently share a home in Winnipeg, MB with our senior dog Mya (Husky/Shepherd Mix), and 2 cats, Boots and Hope. All three were rescued & adopted from the Oromocto SPCA, and the cats are sibling foster failures.  We have two adult children and three grandchildren. 

Molly, featured on the Home Page, was my working dog for almost 9 years. She suddenly passed Sept 2023, a loss that still hurts very much. She was my best friend and loved life so much. I miss our days together, helping others. 

I am a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider (CPACP), Certified Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Instructor, Certified and Licensed Wag it Games Instructor & Judge, Certified Fear Free Professional, and CKC CGN Judge.

I volunteer for PACCC's (Professional Animal Care Certification Council) online study group helping new professionals prepare for their PACCC exam.

I have recently found my self back in the Veterinary Clinic, helping as a Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant, but consider me as the clinic snuggler. I take so much pride in providing the best comfort to all the surgery patients.  

Most importantly, as a Pet Professional, I LOVE helping spread the message of the importance of Third Party Certification and ensuring that Pet Care Professionals put the animals welfare and care always above profit. 

In addition, I am an active and in good standing as an IBPSA Member, IAABC Member and Fear Free Member.  

Training has changed so much in the last thirty years, and I am beyond proud to continue educating pet parents all over the world on the importance of building relationships and seeing the animal as they are for so long.

I love helping dogs and their humans work together towards the same goals. Training that is FUN for all, training that is quick and easy to learn, and using modern and innovative Cognition/Behaviour Science.

Even after so many years in the industry, continued education is extremely important to me, as it should be for you too.

Board Certified
Proud to be the ONLY PACCC Board Certified Professional
(Professional Animal Care Certification Council)

The ONLY Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Instructor; educating pet parents, pet professionals and emergency service providers!!

The ONLY Certified & Licensed Wag It Games Instructor & Judge
Play Games - Have Fun - Earn Titles
In Winnipeg, MB Canada!! 

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